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In June 2008 three year old Cole Ruotsala, a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed little boy was doing what most boys his age love to do-playing with his Tonka trucks. And like most rough and tumble little boys, he fell. Complaining of stomach pains, his parents took him for a medical examination. Indeed, that’s what the doctors thought it was, a simple injury to his abdomen. Cole went home and life went on as usual. His family had no inkling how their lives… and Cole’s… were about to be turned upside down.

On July 24th, Cole again complained of severe stomach “owies.” Again, he went to the hospital. It was then that tests revealed Cole had much more than an owie. He was diagnosed with Adreno-Cortical Carcinoma-a rare form of childhood cancer.

Less than two months later, on September 19th, his parent’s worst nightmare was realized. Cole died in their arms.

During the weeks following his initial diagnosis, Cole’s family experienced an overwhelming amount of support from friends, from family, and from complete strangers. It was amazing... overwhelming.And the vast majority of that support arrived via the World Wide Web.

Cole’s Foundation was created as a tribute to this little boy who fought so hard and touched so many. Recognizing the incredible needs of families struggling through the nightmare of caring for a child with a terminal illness, the organization was created to utilize the 21st century’s technology to provide support and assistance to families facing the most devastating challenge that a parent could face, the illness and death of a beloved child.

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Coles Pages is an outreach of Coles Foundation, started by Aaron and Moireen Ruotsala after the death of their son, Cole.

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