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So how does one single person make a difference in the life of another human soul? The entire Cole’s Foundation and in particular, the Cole’s Pages project are opening a new avenue of support and encouragement. Through this site, individuals can make a difference in the life of a child. Please enjoy the web site. Share it with others, and allow Cole’s Pages to help motivate action in the world.

There is nothing more heartwarming than a personal note--a note that shares a thoughtful story, a meaningful Bible verse, or encouraging and caring words of support. Sharing personal words with families in need may be the single most important method of support that Cole’s Pages can offer. Over the years, families have conveyed to us that personal messages and prayers have meant the most. Take time to send a note of encouragement today by simply connecting to any Cole’s Pages personal page and selecting the message link.

Join the Team

We invite you to register and support these precious families through prayer and support.

  • Pray for the families on the Prayer and Praise page
  • Leave messages of encouragement and support on their web pages
  • Became a MAD (Make A Difference) member. Each month we will mail you a packet with 2 photo/informational family cards. We ask that you pray and consider sending a card/gift.
  • Join our Facebook community where we share families in need and related information.
  • Submit a prayer request when you see a family that needs prayer.

Everyone who signs up to join the roster of Cole’s team will have the ability to make a significant difference in the lives of a hurting family!

Monetary Giving

Join with Cole’s Foundation and Cole’s Pages in a collective effort to help support our registered families during a very difficult time in their lives. By following the secure link below, you will have the opportunity to contribute a single donation for a very worthy cause.

Fundraising Partner Program

Do you feel highly motivated to help? Sometimes after hearing or reading a family’s story, individuals are stirred to go above and beyond expectations. If you have been deeply impacted and desire to do more please consider joining our Fundraising Partner Program. By becoming a Fundraising Partner you will create your own personal page explaining your connection to the person or the foundation. This page will be in an easy to use format and once completed you can easily share it with your friends, family, coworkers and contacts via email. Through your own personal page, your associates will be encouraged to follow your lead and financially contribute to such a worthy cause. The principle is simple but effective - it only takes a little from a lot to make great things happen!

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Make a Difference with families who are facing pediatric cancer and other devastating medical situations.

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