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Luke Teat

Luke Teat

Basic Information:

Birthday: February 12, 2007
Age: 12 yrs
Diagnosis: PKU, Chiari Malformation, Ehlers Danlos sydrome, osteoporosis and asthma
Health Status: Fighting Strong
Favorite Things: Now at 11 my interests have change but just a little I still love WWE, like its my life lol..I also love building Legos. I still love trains, tractors, and anything fun. I love keeping track of the Orioles, Ravens and I love listening to music. I smile all the time. :)
Stuff About Me: I am now 11. I have just started the sixth grade at a new school, Chestertown Christian Academy. I am the youngest of seven and boy am I loved past the stars. :) I am everyones blonde haired blue eyed Lukie Luke

About Me:

My Story: At 3 days old we found out Luke had PKU, phenylketonuria. We knew he was special since birth as his apgars were dangerously low, he was put on a heart monitor and he had myoclonic jerks that we have never seen before. Luke has had over 100 fractures due to his Ehlers Danlos syndrome, he was dx with Chiari, osteoporosis, asthma and central/obstructive sleep apnea.Unfortunately he also suffers from OCD and anxiety. He has had many rough roads but he is the happiest child I have ever known. we are so lucky God chose us to be his family.

My Family:

My Mom: Pam
My Dad: Lewie
Siblings: Michael 25 married to my sister in law Nikki....Skeeter 23....Jake 22....Deanna 20....Russell 17....Maddie 14... and me Luke I am 10 in a month!
Pets Names: Sadly my dog Hershey died this year he was 14. We really miss him. I have a 10 year pom named Chevelle, we call her Vel Vel. I have a 4 year old yellow lab named Fisher. Two gerbils, named JJ and BJ. We adopted them almost two years ago after my hamster Stuart went to Heaven.

Happy Mail Address:

Happy Mail Address: 180 Sassafras Street PO Box 525
Millington , MD 21651

Hospital Information:

Room Number: