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Luke Teat

Luke Teat

At 3 days old we found out Luke had PKU, phenylketonuria. We knew he was special since birth as his apgars were dangerously low, he was put on a heart monitor and he had myoclonic jerks that we have never seen before. Luke has had over 100 fractures due to his Ehlers Danlos syndrome, he was dx with Chiari, osteoporosis, asthma and central/obstructive sleep apnea.Unfortunately he also suffers from OCD and anxiety. He has had many rough roads but he is the happiest child I have ever known. we are so lucky God chose us to be his family.

My Journal

Long month

much love to all. Not sure what happened to first entry. Just wanted to say Luke is doing well although the surgery didn’t seem to help the apnea :( but his opening at brain stem is much more open now with no compression. A dyraplasty was not done trying to avoid healing complications. Lujw received manynice cards packages and gifts. He thinks he’s hot stuff with money in his wallet and a gift card. Please know I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. To see him smile gives me the encouragement I need each day. The past few weeks have been really tough and then Friday I had another terrible experience I will post here Some things you can’t unsee....Sorry for the long post but just needed to write. Most of you know the past few months have been hard. Jake being deployed. Michaels horrific car accident. Lukes…