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Mikey Harris

Mikey Harris

Mikey is an 14 year old boy who has duplication 7q11.23. This is a neurological disorder that affects speech and behavior. It is really complicated to explain, but here's an attempt. If you look up 7q11.23 duplication, you'll probably find something along the lines of this. Inside our bodies, we all have something called a chromosome. Chromosomes tell our cells what to do. In our body, we have 46 chromosomes - 23 sets. These chromosomes make us who we are. They tell our cells and our body what we are going to be like - our hair color, if we are a boy, if we are a girl, and how tall we are going to These children have an extra piece of material on their 7th chromosome that we call 7q11.23 duplication - or 7q dupe for short. We can't be certain yet, but there appears to be no reason…

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CHOP Appointment

Well not the news we wanted to hear. He lost two pounds again. The plan is now continuous feeds. Mikey is not happy about this because it means he will have to wear his pump all day at school, and also at night. He adds a medication to his daily regiment to help with his slow transit. We will go back in three months. If no changes then we may need to look into a Jtube. The good news is the doctor will be writing a letter to his school for him to attend half days so he can function better. Tonight he is exhausted and overwhelmed, but we are looking forward to a fun Memorial Day Weekend. I can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful support and prayers. It means a lot.