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Until I see you again... Not Forever

Oh Margaret what am I going to do today. I can’t imagine saying goodbye and never seeing you again. I am so lost without you and I don’t know what to do. I have thanked God for the last 10 years for having that time with you Thru all of “My know matter what’s”, to love you, cry with you, take care of you, have fun with you, laugh with you, fight with you. I don’t want to say goodbye but I know I have to. You said you were always going to die the day I did. So I thought we had so much more time to make memories. I know you are doing cartwheels Thru heaven and being “bossy”. We have wondered how long it took you to “ask God to sit in his chair”. I know that Kelley, Grandpa Gary, Mario, grandpa Marvin, Uncle Jeffrey, Aunt Gracie and Aunt Boo Boo and Susan all met you and greeted you with hugs. I know your not hurting and there is no more hospitals, no more needle sticks, no more plugs and just no more medical stuff. I know I am truly being selfish saying I don’t want you to go. I Love you Margaret Louise Romph! Love Mommie!

“Until I see you again”. Not Forever”.

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Margaret's Obituary

Margaret Gained her wings.

Oh My Gosh!!!  I am so overwhelmed and just realized I forgot to let you all know.  


Margaret earned her wings to be with the Lord yesterday morning at 5:35 am.  I will post arrangements and obituary when we get it done. Thank you so much for your love and support. 

Prayers Needed Please

Good morning! I keep telling myself I need to update her site but just have struggled with it. Generally speaking because it is so late when I finally slow down and get a chance to but so exhausted I can't think of what I need to write.

Our huge prayer request needed at the moment is for God to heal her wounds. Those who know me well know this is the one thing that scares me the most. These are stemming from her hospital stay in December. She has two of them and they are in her groin area where the elastic of her underwear goes. It is in a very difficult place to work with. The hardest thing for me is to keep her bowels out of them when I do her bowel program (sorry if TMI) No matter how hard I try and no matter what I do it still gets some in the sores. Which is concerning for infection. They both are about 2-3 cm in size with the depth being about 1-2 cm and we have some tunneling with both of them. (which terrifies me) It is so hard to get her to understand the seriousness of the issue. It is a struggle because to completely get off of them is to be on her side. That is a huge problem because when she is on her side she can't breath so therefore we can't leave her on her side. So we do other things to help. She has been a huge advocate for herself and reminding us daily to move the gel in her seat. She also reclines back to relieve the pressure also. We had pressure mapping done this past week and it was showing no issues in those area's. The day the doctor said something about the pressure mapping I checked her chair and she had bottomed out. But since we have moved the gel around they do seem to be improving. Just concerned with tunneling. We head back to wound care today where we will get an update. It is an every week appointment right now. Currently we are treating with ACell which is amazing and seems to be helping. So we are praying that continues.

We also need prayers regarding Margaret's anxiety attacks. Since all the issues with school she is struggling getting them under control. She gets panicked every Tuesday about her Wednesday appointment. So we are praying a lot between the two of us.

Gotta run for now so we can get to Columbia but please continue to pray for her. Thank you so much.

Wound visit today

Prayers please this morning as we head to University of Missouri Hospital. We have an appointment with wound and trauma. Margaret has 2 pressure sores we are battling from when she was in the hospital. We are going to try and have them look at her tongue as she has a horrible injury to it to the point she can't hardly eat, drive her chair, nor can she hardly operate her phone. This injury will take a very long time to heal according to ENT and family docs. But we are going to have wound look at it today. Thanks for the prayers.