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Madeline Pitts

Madeline Pitts

I am 12 and have leukemia like my sister, Elizabeth, who passed away almost 7 years ago. We have helped lots of kids with cancer since then through a non profit we started, so I know a lot already, but I didn't want it to happen to me.

My Journal

Prayers Needed

Maddie did not get to dance in her recital this weekend, unfortunately. She did get to perform on stage for the last dress rehearsal with her girls Thursday night. On Friday, she slept all day, unable to wake up (this happens frequently now, especially after a big day). At 5:30p.m., I woke her up to dress for dance, and as we attempted to leave her room and come down the stairs, she had a possible seizure and passed out. She woke up quickly but was disoriented and confused until the next day. She was very tired and slept through much of Saturday, except a few hours around her brother's birthday party and dinner time. Only today, around lunch, did she ask, "Don't I have a recital tonight?" She is unaware of losing the last two days and is still forgetting details. This will be discussed Tuesday, but Maddie is dealing…