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Jorge Ibanez

Jorge Ibanez

Our journey began with a ball in the knee to which we did not give importance.From that moment our life changed. There were days that the knee hurt, until one day you could not support the weight and there is when dad take you to emergency room. I still remember that night, I stayed at home taking care of your little sister (it was more than 10 pm), being without news i feel desperate , when finally Dad answered me was to tell me that you were referring to a specialist, because in The X-rays show had a bone that did not look normal, i remember i had a bad feeling and started to cry.
From the first visit the doctor indicated that he feared to be #Osteosarcoma indicated to realize #MRI (magnetic resonance). God and the people close to us know how I asked God to come out negative. But…

My Journal

Thursday i started chemo

Im finishing the 5th or 6th round of my treatment, everyday i feel more strong and im starting to finally bend mi knee again!!!Please always pray for me