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Emily Hubbel

Emily Hubbel

You can get up to date information at: Facebook Page.

Emily was diagnosed with Stage IV, High Risk Neuroblastoma Differential, n myc non amplified, favorable histology on 12/23/2010 and is currently in active treatment.

Here is a short version of what Emily has been through:

Emily still has so much more to endure, but she is a fighter. We are constantly working on her webpage: and all entries are updated there. I will continue to keep you guys updated as often as we can. For more information please read our journal. We really appreciate all the love and support and prayers from everyone, I can't tell you how much they mean to us, and how they help so much. THANK YOU!

Many are asking how & where to donate: All donors may mail funds to the account at: Dominion Credit Union PO Box 26646 Richmond, VA 23261 Write "Emily Hubbel"…

My Journal

Doing GREAT!

Thursday, Emily had her echocardiogram to check her heart functions because of chemo she received. We should hear back soon how it went. She also had labs to check to make sure everything looks good. Although she was so anxious about her her labs and having to get an IV, she did it all by herself and no tears. Dad and I are so proud of her!Emily continues to do well and is doing great in school. Last 9 weeks of school!Please follow Emily: