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Dakota Anderson

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5th grade. 10 years old

Christmas 2015

Dakota 11 years old. 6th grade

Dakota with her 3 sister and dog Jake

Dakota getting her first chemo treatment.

Dakota waiting to have her port surgery.

About 2 hours after surgery already doing a craft project!

Dakota 1st grade

My first 1/2 marathon.

Erica 7th grade

My new NF tattoo.

24 Hour Rolex in Daytona on 1-29-12.

Dakota with Patrick Dempsey and Justin Bell at the 24 hour Rolex in Daytona. 1-29-12

Dakota with race car drivers Ron Yarab, Daniel Graeff, Justin Bell and Ryan Eversley. 1-29-12

Dakota standing next to the CTF car at the 24 hour Rolex in Daytona Florida. 1-29-12

Dakota's optic glioma at the chiasm.

Getting ready for her MRI.