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Cole Ruotsala

Cole Ruotsala

Sept 19th, 2008 Cole Ruotsala went home to be with the Lord. He fought a valiant fight but lost his 8 week battle. Cole was a bright and funny little boy who was been a blessing from the start to his parents Aaron and Moireen Ruotsala and his sisters Chaneille, Whitney, Taylor, Paige & little brother, Channing. He was the sweetest little boy who loved his family dearly and loves his baby sister so much! On thursday night July 24th 2008 he started complaning of stomach pains. He was up most of the night off and on screaming in pain. His stomach had appeared to be enlarged and rock hard by friday. After Moireen had talked with her mother they decided to take him into the emergency room in ironwood thinking that his appendix might have ruptured. He was checked into the hospital and the doctors ran tests on him…

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From our family to yours,We want to thank everyone who has touched Cole's Foundation. Families who have trusted their loved ones with us, all of our awesome volunteers and donors who have given so much.                                                  THANK YOU!!!,Aaron, Moireen, Chaneille, Whitney, Taylor, Paige and Channing