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Kellen "no fear. just faith" Walden

Kellen "no fear. just faith" Walden

Kellen is an incredible 15 year old who enjoys playing with his friends, and is passionate about anything to do with the outdoors; especially hunting,hiking,camping and lighting fireworks. At one point Kellen wanted to be a garbage man when he grew up - but only to ride on the back of the truck and be outside.

Kellen has an older brother Murphy who is 20, a dog named Sparkles, and a mom and dad who are very proud of him. He also has an extremely rare form of Brain Cancer called Ectomesenchymoma.

He was diagnosed with this beast in December 2008 after complaining of double vision. Right before Christmas, he had 9 hour surgery to remove an orange sized tumor from his brain. He underwent extensive physical and occupational therapy, 4 rounds of Chemo at Arnold Palmer Hospital and 6 weeks of Proton Radiation in Jacksonville ....and never complained. For 18 glorious…

My Journal

Hope in the Dark

Dear Friends,Im updating you from the 4th floor of Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital.Although our room is mostly dark, there's soft light coming from the monitors mixing with the iridescent glow from our 'Angel of Hope' that we've been carrying with us throughout this journey. I can hear a baby crying from across the hall and trained, effiecient feet running to its rescue. Inside our room, the only noise heard is the rythmatic churning of the infusion pump, the hum from the AC, and Kellen's sweet, steady snores.On one side of Kellen's hospital bed, Kelly stares down at our kiddo from his Naugahyde recliner. And on the other side; I'm laying on a cot looking up at both of them; amazed that they can't hear my ceiling-splitting pleas to God that are pounding through my head.It's been a very tough week.We had a strong start with two good days at the…