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Kayli Hostetler

Kayli Hostetler

Kayli was diagnosed at the age of 8 with ganglioneuroblastoma. Now, at age 20 she is fighting her disease once more. Now in her 12th year of follow up, she has relapsed three times, endured 4 major abdominal surgeries, removal of 5 tumors, chemo, radiation and countless procedures. She currently has tumors in her spine, shoulder, hip and pelvis. Please continue to pray that God would be glorified through this trial in Kayli's life.

When Kayli was 8 years old, she went to the doctor for her well child check-up. Upon examination, our doctor felt a large mass in her abdomen and sent us to Akron Children's. After a whirlwind of tests and then surgery, Kayli was given the diagnosis of ganglioneuroblastoma. Her tumor was the size of a grapefruit and they were not able to resect all of it, due to it lying along the vena cava. For the next…

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still digging for a treatment

Greetings from frigid Ohio.....bbbrrrrr!!!!  Kayli had her usual appointment at the hospital today and met with her doctor as well.  He is "still digging" for a treatment option for her.  He has consulted with Cincinnati Children's and is waiting to hear back.  In the meantime, he has ordered an MRI of her thoracic spine to check to see the extent of involvement of her disease there.  She will have this done next Tuesday, per Kayli's request, so she doesn't have to make an additional trip to the hospital  Traveling is difficult for her and so less is truly more.  We talked with him about her adding some nutritional supplements through the Reliv company and he was very supportive of that.  He said that anything we can do at this point to fight is great.  So, we would ask for specific prayer for the following:  Wisdom for Dr. Kuerbitz and Dr.…