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Ivory Isaac

Ivory Isaac

After a year of doctor & ER visits starting in 2007, on 1/05/2008 just a little after her 5th birthday, we were told our daughter had a large mass on her brain. Less than 48 hours later we watched as she went in to surgery to remove the brain tumor. She did great and spent a night in the PICU. Over the next 5 days things that happened like her not wanting to eat or play was credited to the surgery. Little did we know that it was due to a preparation of the bowel. It was on 1/12 that she was rushed to the PICU where we almost lost her before being taken to surgery. Once again she did great. She would be taken back to the PICU to spend time on the vent to help her lungs heal. It was over the next 5 days with a tube…

My Journal

Happy 15th birthday

today is a big day. It’s Ivory's 15th birthday. This is a big one.  I mean big. It was 10 years ago she was sick and could hardly celebrate her 5th birthday.  A little over a month later she was dx with brain cancer.  We were told she would not live to see her 6th birthday. So we are now seeing 10 birthdays more. I am proud of Ivory, I often find it hard to update this page. I need to do it more often. This is the first birthday without my mom. I am trying to keep her busy. Mike took her to a Blue Jackets game. If i have not posted yet she is a major hockey fan. Its late but I promise to up date more tomorrow or the next day. I have lots of pictures I want to share so when I do there will be…