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Hazel Niemitalo

Hazel Niemitalo

Hazel is the one year old daughter of Kenneth and Maria Niemitalo. Hazel was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome of the finnish type when she was a few months old. It is a genetic disorder caused by a defect in the kidneys. Hazel needs a kidney transplant. If you are interested in becoming a donor please contact the Kidney for Hazel Facebook page. She is currently receiving nursing care twice a day at home and goes to doctor checkups every other week while waiting for a match. Please pray that we will find a donor soon and that her nausea and vomiting will become less frequent.

My Journal


Hazels specialist called last weekend and said she talked to Dr Kogan,the surgeon who removed Hazels kidneys, and they both feel its better to do surgery sooner instead of later and risking her getting another uti. Her reflux is level 4 so it's very aggressive! We had a consult with the surgeon today and surgery is scheduled for this coming Thursday at 12:30.