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Austin Serrano

Austin Serrano

On Tuesday 08/25/09 must have been the most difficult and heartbreaking day that my husband Carlos and I have dealt with in our entire life.

It has been almost 2 years since we started dedicating our lives to save our baby from the deadlyword Cancer. This has to be the most frightening word in our vocabulary. Our world was shattered beyond comprehension when our 2-year old son Austin was diagnosed with Advanced Stage of Bilateral Retinoblastoma Stage D - R eye -vitreous seeding and stage E –L eye - a detached retina. He was blind on his Leye because of the detached retina. Austin was diagnosed by Dr. Rand Spencer and concurs by Dr. Dan Gombos at MD Anderson.

We immediately sought out all alternative treatments for our son starting with our wonderful Dr. Rand Spencer (retinal specialist who diagnosed Austin) and Dr. Daniel Bowers. Austin had 2 systemic round of chemo…

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Update on Austin

Austin’s just had his follow-up exam in Philly with Dr. Shields this morning and everything is well.  That is wonderful.  He has been doing great with school as well.  He is typing on his Brailler like a court reporter, so there is no catching up for Mommy on that end.  I have given up on studying Braille period. There is one problem that Austin has had is the side effect of radiation on his right eye.  It has gotten so bad to a point that it won’t hold his prosthesis anymore. He has been wearing an eye patch for the last month now and will be having right eye reconstruction some time soon.  I believe it will be on the upper eye lid. They will be doing graft from tissue in his mouth to his upper lid.  We were told that there will be a temporary…