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Angel Thompson

Angel Thompson

"It is a big will require is likely is not a good prognosis." These are the things that strike fear in the heart of any parent. This is what we heard about our wonderful five year old daughter Angel on Monday after a visit to the ER and ensuing transfer. Last week she began having headaches and problems with her eyes going crossed. We had a few MD visits and were leaning toward vision problems. Thanks be to God for the wonderful staff at CMC-Northeast ER who caught the tumor and immediately arranged transfer to CMC-Main Levine Childrens Hospital. We have met with pediatric neurosurgeons and pediatric oncologists. The tumor is in the cerebellum exerting pressure on the brainstem with increased intracranial pressure. It is a large tumor with anticipated difficulty removing it. There is significant potential of complication associated with removal and most likely will result…

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Childhood Cancer Month

Angel recently had to write about something in her life for a school assignment. She wrote the article below. She wanted to share it as Childhood Cancer Month comes to an end. Angel wrote this...                            Angel Thompson       I was having trouble at school one day walking into things and struggling to focus on my work.  This continued for a while before my parents decided it was time to take me to the doctor to see what was happening with me. The doctor took my parents out of the room to explain the unexplained things that were causing my problems. Soon my parents found their way back to my room and talked to me about what was going to happen. I will admit, I was…