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Andy McGraw

Andy McGraw

Andy is a loving husband and father. On Novemeber 19th Andy was at work when he had a seizure. Once a scan was done a large tumor was found. After a biopsy it was found that the tumor is an Anaplastic Astrocytoma Glioma. Andy has now undergone radiation and chemo to try to stop this grade 3 tumor. He is going thru a higher dose of chemo right now. The doctor plans on a 5 to 6 month course.

My Journal

Med issues

Well Andy started the 2 new meds on Tuesday. My new phone has a nice app that allows me to take a pulse and o2 level. He has had a history of o2 issues so I have started checking him. Over the weekend I noticed his heart rate was elveated. It has stayed that way now. His resting heart rate is now over 100. The Namenda can cause this. He was supposed to double his dose in the morning. I have called the doctor and we are not increasing the dose. He is to follow up with the neurologist this month and get her thoughts on what to do from here. I will post again once we know what we are doing from here.