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Andy McGraw

Andy McGraw

Andy is a loving husband and father. On Novemeber 19th Andy was at work when he had a seizure. Once a scan was done a large tumor was found. After a biopsy it was found that the tumor is an Anaplastic Astrocytoma Glioma. Andy has now undergone radiation and chemo to try to stop this grade 3 tumor. He is going thru a higher dose of chemo right now. The doctor plans on a 5 to 6 month course.

My Journal


Well Andy has had some dizziness recently, but Sunday it became worse. On Sunday he fell from being dizzy. After 7 hours he was still dizzy so we reached out to the neru & oncologist. Both said get him to the ER so we did. They found nothing, which we are pleased about. Unfortunatly he is still dizzy and having troubles getting around. They have ordered PT and he is not happy about it! We are making him go though! They are going to work on balance and stability. Since Brenden is out of school and currently not working he is home with him while I work. We are reporting back to the docs to figure out where we go from here.