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Andy McGraw

Andy McGraw

Andy is a loving husband and father. On Novemeber 19th Andy was at work when he had a seizure. Once a scan was done a large tumor was found. After a biopsy it was found that the tumor is an Anaplastic Astrocytoma Glioma. Andy has now undergone radiation and chemo to try to stop this grade 3 tumor. He is going thru a higher dose of chemo right now. The doctor plans on a 5 to 6 month course.

My Journal

Oncologist visit

Ok so we do not know a lot more than we did this morning. The doctor compared the MRI today against the several he has had the last 3 years. She didn't see any noticeable changes. She is getting his MRI's dating back to 2011 to see if there have been subtile changes they have missed. She is very concerned about the long term memory issues we are seeing and some other symptoms. She is going to meet with the radiation oncologist and call the neurologist to see what they think. She said the MRI doesn't show radiation necrosis. With the type of radiation he had being newer at the time there are no studies on what the damage is long term, especially at the dosage he had. She was hoping to be able to have the images today to call me tonight,…