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Andy McGraw

Andy McGraw

Andy is a loving husband and father. On Novemeber 19th Andy was at work when he had a seizure. Once a scan was done a large tumor was found. After a biopsy it was found that the tumor is an Anaplastic Astrocytoma Glioma. Andy has now undergone radiation and chemo to try to stop this grade 3 tumor. He is going thru a higher dose of chemo right now. The doctor plans on a 5 to 6 month course.

My Journal

oncology day

Andy had his 6 month check today. MRI continues to show no change! We are blessed to continue to have no change in the tumor! The doctor did ask about the CBD oil we are using to help with his headaches. She cannot recommend it, but told us there are studies going on right now to try to find more treatments. Thanks for the continued prayers! He is beating the odds still!