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Alivia Gibson

Alivia Gibson

We were told by Dr.s for a month that our daughter had ear infections, and drainage that's why her balance was off and her eye had drainage and was drooping. A month of this we finally took her to the ER and demanded testing even the ER Dr thought we were crazy probably, but he did the scan anyway, and 20 minutes later he came to the room and I knew because his tone and manurism had changed. They told us that she had a mass on her brain and rushed us to St. Jude in Peoria, IL. The next day December 28th 2011 they did MRI's of her entire body and we were told she had a tumor and it was cancer. December 29th they told me she had DIPG and she had 9-12 months to live. My world ended that day as I knew and dreamed about. We…

My Journal

Missing you sweet girl

A day off and I've decided not to clean, not to go to the store, do laundry nothing. I'm not for sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I find myself going through pictures and watching video's. There have been a lot of emotions that are very hard to explain over the past few months. I suppose these feelings have been there since Alivia was diagnosed, but it is different now. There has bee...n time to grieve and time, period. Every day is different. Every day I feel different. For a long time I just thought I was crazy. I haven't really shared some of my thoughts or feelings, especially over the last year. Mostly in fear of bringing others sadness, or getting myself in a depression. In some crazy way I forced myself to try to…