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Margaret Romph

Margaret Romph

On Friday, Jan 2nd, 2009 Sherline was working at McDonalds when Erin, Margaret and Grandma Kay came to visit her. Shortly after leaving they were in a very serious car accident. Sherline saw the ambulance and fire trucks go by her work and immediately felt sick. She called Erin and no one answered. She called Kay 's phone and was told she needed to come to the scene. When she got to the scene, they would not let her see Margaret. Erin and Grandma Kay were taken to St. Mary's to be treated and were released. Margaret was life-flighted to the University. She suffered from severe head trauma, where they had to shunt her head to release pressure. Other injuries were 2 broken femurs and a broken neck.

My Journal

picu update

Good evening. Margaret is resting after a rough day. So I thought I would take a minute to update.-Sitter last night was wonderful. She was able to keep Margaret so calm and from getting so upset. I was able to sleep some. I feel much more focused today. -Blood Gas looks better today.-Blood Pressure has been pretty high today. -IV has quit letting the nurse draw so they have had to start sticking her. Thank goodness it is still working for IV meds and fluids. -They did get permission to get CT Scan of her stomach. but with contrast. The bad thing is it can cause a kidney injury. Which will set us back a couple of days. It came back as an infection of some sort. They are going to do more testing to see if they can figure out what kind of infection it is. So…