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James Watkins

James Watkins

James was born six weeks early weighting in at 4 lbs 14 oz. At two weeks old he quit breathing and turned blue he was inpatient in the hospital for two weeks and they said he had reflux. He was at home for two more weeks and returned back because he had a virus was in for a week this is how his first year went. They did test and was never able to give a reason why. We have gone to doctors of all sorts and started going to a allergy and asthma doctor who said he had severe allergies to food, trees, and has really bad asthma. He has begun taking several medicines and continues to see the doctor every two weeks. He is such a fighter i have heard of adults having asthma but never a young child. I never realized that asthma could killed my child…

My Journal

No news Yet!

So far we have no news! I know I seen a couple of the results through his mychart but nothing offical yet. We are in Cincinnati until Weds. when we see drs and hopefully get results. He has a awful cough and has been having alot of motor tics even in his sleep so I ask that you keep him in your prayers. I guess I will hear results soon but as of now we are playing the waiting game!Monique