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James Watkins

James Watkins

James was born six weeks early weighting in at 4 lbs 14 oz. At two weeks old he quit breathing and turned blue he was inpatient in the hospital for two weeks and they said he had reflux. He was at home for two more weeks and returned back because he had a virus was in for a week this is how his first year went. They did test and was never able to give a reason why. We have gone to doctors of all sorts and started going to a allergy and asthma doctor who said he had severe allergies to food, trees, and has really bad asthma. He has begun taking several medicines and continues to see the doctor every two weeks. He is such a fighter i have heard of adults having asthma but never a young child. I never realized that asthma could killed my child…

My Journal


Well to say we have been busy is an understatement! I have been in school for special education for seems like forever but I am close to being done! About a month ago I got a call from a school district out of WV for a job interview, I really didn't think much on it as my oldest son is a senior, but he told me to take the interview so I did I had a telephone interview then later that afternoon they called me and wanted a face to face interview. That was June 19 and June 20 I was offered a job in a school district in Ohio which is about 15/20 minutes from the major hospital James goes to. I still questioned it but the pay is going to be almost double what I was making in WV and will go up once I get the degree.…