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Jackson Doyon

Jackson Doyon

I am almost 3 years old and diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis and Hemihypertrophy. I have it in my gi tract, skin, and they believe my lympnodes, and kidney's and possibly my liver and my brain is reacting with seizures mow. Because of this I am triggered too have allergic type reactions including anaphalaxes to multiple things including SUNLIGHT, HEAT, COLD, STRESS, FRICTION, VIRUSES, INFECTIONS, CUTS, BUG BITES and anything at anytime can turn to a problem even a simple scent. My life is much different then most peoples and it is a fight to keep running everyday.f It is very rare also a orphan disease. There is no cure and no real treatment only symptom treatment and removal or tumors caused by the 2 diseases if they occure. If you would like to know more I would love to tell you.

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Jackson is having issues with his mastocytosis again and hemihypertrophy. He was crying that his hemi foot hurts. He is being admitted.