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Jackson Doyon

Jackson Doyon

I am almost 3 years old and diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis and Hemihypertrophy. I have it in my gi tract, skin, and they believe my lympnodes, and kidney's and possibly my liver and my brain is reacting with seizures mow. Because of this I am triggered too have allergic type reactions including anaphalaxes to multiple things including SUNLIGHT, HEAT, COLD, STRESS, FRICTION, VIRUSES, INFECTIONS, CUTS, BUG BITES and anything at anytime can turn to a problem even a simple scent. My life is much different then most peoples and it is a fight to keep running everyday.f It is very rare also a orphan disease. There is no cure and no real treatment only symptom treatment and removal or tumors caused by the 2 diseases if they occure. If you would like to know more I would love to tell you.

My Journal

Poor baby

Well we had to get rid of all our pets because his mastocytosis has decided to start reacting real bad to fleas. We miss our pets but it was best for Jackson.