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Elizabeth Weidner

Elizabeth Weidner

Shortly, after my 12 birthday in January 2016 I received the initial dx of cancer, but 8 days later our family received the devastating news it was Neuroblastoma Stage IV! None of our were prepared for that dx as I along with my brothers have always been athletic, outgoing and full of energy! Originally I had many medical staff dx my pain as Illiac Apothysitis (sp?). In fact, I was still dancing (3-4 nights/week for up to 3/4 hours a stretch) up until 2 days before the pain grew so intense I could no longer bear weight on my right hip!
The doctor's say with my type of cancer I may never know exactly when it started...I could have been born with it we will never know. I may not have gone to the doctor when I did, but the pain had suddenly switched hips and my mom's gut instinct…

My Journal

More Prayers Needed....

We recently had our latest scans, and bone marrow biopsies/aspirates.  Although scans showed NO new disease...we're still fighting NB in Elizabeth's Bone Marrow.  For the faithful, please continue to pray like you've never prayed before.  She LOVES receiving cards as do her three brothers whom this journey has been extremely difficult on.  I only ask that you be sensitive to what is written in those cards, even for those that are faithful if you state things like "it's God's will" are loaded with conotations that are difficult for parents let alone a teenager to grapple with.  It is NOT in our faith or belief that God would will any child to suffer as these kids would suffer.