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Bayleigh Phillips

Bayleigh Phillips

Bayleigh was dx with inoperable brain tumor on 11-30-06. Completed 2 yrs of chemo, several surgeries.

8-4-10 - Tumor grew & there is a new area of concern...Chemo again.

10-27-10 - Tumor grew on chemo. 11-29-10 - she began 25 rounds of radiation.

Jan. 2011- Tumor grew during radiation.
May 2011 grew again and she started chemo again finally. Aug. 2011 Tumor SHRANK...Finished chemo in May 2012.

Aug. 2012 tumor grew back to original size.

Please pray for Bay!

My Journal


We would like to ask for your prayers tomorrow as Bayleigh goes for her scheduled MRI .... It has been 9 months since her last scan... We feel very good about it ... Then scanxiety kicks in a little ... We will update as soon as we get results .... It may be Thursday before we know anything! Thank you in advance!