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Bayleigh Phillips

Bayleigh Phillips

Bayleigh is 17, she will be a Senior! She was dx with inoperable brain tumor on 11-30-06. Completed 2 yrs of chemo, several surgeries.

8-4-10 - Tumor grew & there is a new area of concern…Chemo again.

10-27-10 - Tumor grew on chemo. 11-29-10 - she began 25 rounds of radiation.

Jan. 2011- Tumor grew during radiation.
May 2011 grew again and she started chemo again finally. Aug. 2011 Tumor SHRANK...Finished chemo in May 2012.

Aug.2012 tumor grew back to original size.

Please pray for Bay!

My Journal

It's sad that it has been so long since I updated caringbridge, I had to click the help button to figure out how to log in! Shame on me! I also had a notebook full of things I wanted to post about, and I can't find it.... Neither of these are surprising because yesterday I stopped at a stop sign forever waiting on it to turn green!!!! Everyone is doing great here. Lola was 10 days old when we began this jouney and now she is in 2nd grade, it's hard to believe. Garrett is a FRESHMAN and Bayleigh is a SENIOR!!! This is the first time Bayleigh and Garrett have been at the same school in 8 years... They are really enjoying each other!Big news!!!! Bayleigh's tumor has been stable now for 10 months! So Bayleigh began her senior year chemo free!!!! What a blessing!!!  Bayleigh also turned 17…