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5/2017 Book take heart my child. Abi loves books. I can't wait to read this to her.

5/2017 Gifts from Coles Foundation. Thank you Coles for your love .

5/2017 doll clothing that describes Abigaile ( Happy )

This is Abigaile with about4 mod Polfit walking w/canes still has a long way to go bit very close!

2012 walking with canes at home. What a blessing from God. Isa 53:5

2012 Polfit Wellness Inc. A very intense Polish disciplined therapy for PT/OT (no walking yet)

Sept 2011 Happy Birthday pool party w/just us.

Abigaile on her Amtryke 2011.

2011 @ Hyperbaric Oxygen Trmts. the oxygen trmts have been key in Abbi being healed.

2011 Hyperbaric oxygen treatments @ California Hyperbaric Center.

2011 @The Brain Trmt Center Irvine, Ca. this was after a few treatments.

2011 progress after rTMS at The Brain Treatment Center. So good to see her cruising minimal.

2010 rTMS The Brain Treatment Center getting ready for EEG and treatment.

2010 rTMS treatment at The Brain Treatment Center in Irvine, California.

2010 Arkansas in Kidwalk When we first got the Kidwalk.

2010 rTMS Irvine, California really stopped lots of seizure activity. We praise God for this !

2010 1rst walk in a mall in her Kidwalk in California.

2010 Disney Fla. in the caboose.

2010 Disney Fla while seeing Dr. Kartzinel. Our family picture.

2009- helping her sister to bake organic cookies.

2012 we were blessed w/a home w/a pool this yr Abbi learned to walk in it.

2010 Jax Fla. My two princesses at Disney.

Going to see Mickey Mouse for the 1rst time in Fla. while at Dr. Kartzinels office. 2010

Abigaile has rare drop seizures when in contact with allergic sensitive chemicals. Her pink helmet.

Abigaile learning to walk in a Kidwalk gait trainer- 2010

I Jax Beach Fla. waiting for our Dr. appt. with Dr. Kartzinel.

Abigaile in the Hyperbaric Oxygen tank. This therapy has been pertinent to her healing.

Abigaile in 2004 after her vaccine injury. The quilt she is on I made for a fundraiser for her.