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Abigaile Elise

Abigaile Elise

This is my daughters story her name is Abigaile. In 2003 she was vaccine injured. This vaccine reaction has changed has affected our entire immediate family and has affected each of our lives. Our daughter with in 72 hours started excessive crying, her eyes darting, her body swelling. Her head and her entire body began to swell. She had a 54 minutes seizure that the ER Dr. walked out of the room, didn't medicate her or anything and said she wouldn't make it. I don’t think at the time that we even began to know how our lives would change. We first would be denied that anything was wrong with our daughter from the Pediatrician who gave her the vaccines. Our daughter had 2 life-threatening seizures after the vaccine. We were told with our child having seizures and her body seemed to be swelling by the minute (this we…

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Its almost Winter

Fall has passed in no time and looks like Winter is on its way.  Personally I am praying for a very mild Winter.  I am not a fan of Winter to begin with unless I'm in Southern California.  Or way far South where its warm.  So I wanted to update on Ms. Abigaile.  My husband and I havent been able to speak so I have no details but I have some pictures.  Abigaile has surely grown in the past few months.  I had planned on posting more pictures previous but have not been able to get them to upload on here. Family Blogspot here: https://funinthesonfamilytimes.blogspot.comSo I am posting our family blogspot so that you can see her photo there.  I have work so hopefully I will be able to post another time. I also will have a surprise to offer once I am finished with creating it.much love and blessings,Paris ( Abigailes mom…