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Gavin Bugalski

Gavin is a happy, bright, funny 2 1/2 year old who started to not feel well during the beginning of August. It started with a VERY swollen lymph node underneath the right side of his jaw. A couple of different doctors had said it was likely his lymph node reacting to a tooth coming in, which was not uncommon. Gavin was put on antibiotics, and after about 10 days, it finally started to go away. His last dose of antibiotics was on a Sunday. That entire week Gavin was perfectly normal, feeling well and the happy little boy we love more than life. The following Saturday he woke up with his right eye red and swollen shut. Another round of antibiotics was ordered and he was diagnosed with periorbital cellulitis and pinkeye. Even though he had been on antibiotics, he kept running a low grade fever. He ended up in…

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What is a Cole's Pages Advocate? An advocate is someone who has taken up the cause of supporting the many families of Cole's Pages by raising money on their behalf.

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Each of the Cole’s Pages families have a unique story and challenge that they are facing.