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Travis Winstead

Travis was diagnosed with leukemia July 15th 2015, it was the most scariest day of our lives. I had taken him to the doctor for a cough and tummy ache an hour after we got to the doctors office they came in and told me he either had leukemia or something was shutting down his bone marrow, we immediately had to go to st. Judes in memphis for diagnosis and treatment . Travis has had to endure so much I have watch him get poked and prodded on so much, but travis has been a tough little guy through all of this he is so strong , he is a fighter , he is my little hero. Travis still has 103 weeks left of chemo and we hope and pray that after the 103 weeks that he will be done with all of this .

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What is a Cole's Pages Advocate? An advocate is someone who has taken up the cause of supporting the many families of Cole's Pages by raising money on their behalf.

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Each of the Cole’s Pages families have a unique story and challenge that they are facing.